Lawrie Robinson

Lawrie is a born and bred Perth girl.

Originally a journalist, Lawrie switched to a career in personal training after suffering from, and overcoming anorexia.

Working as a PT for over ten years now, Lawrie devotes her days to making women and men feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Lawrie focuses heavily on raising awareness about mental health, developing a healthy relationship with all foods and educating people about correct training techniques.

When asked “why Jamu” Lawrie responded:

Because of my anorexic past my digestive health is now sub par. I have tried almost everything to improve it and after using Jamu for a month a definitely noticed a difference. My stomach was less upset, less bloated and processed foods better which is such a win for me.

Check out Lawrie on Instagram at @lawrie.robinson for all her fitness tips, health tricks and mental health wisdom.