Hanna María Marteinsdóttir

Originally hailing from Iceland, Hanna now resides in Adelaide, Australia and is a competitive Bodybuilder in the Fitness Category.

Hanna was awarded her Ms Fitness Australia Pro Card in May this year and placed 2nd in her first apperance as a Pro Athlete in October.

Hanna works as a registered nurse and nutrition coach nd with the little time left over, Hanna enjoys soccer, cyclying, hiking and everything active and outdoorsy.

When asked ‘Why Jamu?’ Hanna responded:

“I don’t have a lot of downtime in my life to recover from all the workouts that I do, especially when I get close to a competition. That’s why it’s so important to me to get all of the help I need to fight inflammation and aid in recovery, which is exactly what Jamu does for me. It also ensures I get the most nutrition out of the foods that I’m eating by improving my digestive health.”

Check out @hannamariafit on Instagram to follow Hanna’s journey as a Pro Bodybuilder. The best is yet to come.