Annabelle Kessler

I am originally from Germany and moved to Australia 3 years ago by myself and only my backpack on. First it was only meant to be for one year but I fell in love with Australia and hope to become a citizen one day.

My connection to sport has always been really strong growing up. I have experience in dancing, kickboxing, hiking, bicycling, running, weightlifting and wing tsun.

Throughout my teenage years I dealt with depression and eating disorders which effected my relationship with exercise rather negatively.

But one of the things that saved me was getting into weightlifting in the gym and switching to a vegan diet. Now I love nourishing my body with all the nutrients it needs to make me stronger.
Currently I am planning on running my first half marathon on the Gold Coast in July and I will be fundraising for the rape & domestic violence services Australia.

I have experienced a lot in my life and that’s why I am all about helping and empowering other woman to speak up, ask for help and FIND THEIR VOICE.

“If I can even only empower/ help one single woman then that would be more I could ever ask for“

Why Jamu?

“I first heard about Jamu over one year ago and I am still in love with the products. Not only is the taste great but it’s literally my GO TO after a good workout sesh because of it’s anti-inflammatory ingredients. It’s really important to me to have a supplement which supports my recovery at home and is only made out of a few natural ingredients.“

Checkout out Annabelle on Instagram at @annykslr to see her fitness journey and support her goal to inspire/ help other women