Tag: almost a cheat meal

072 – Sweet Potato Fries

5/5  "I love hot chips... like really, really love hot chippies. But to avoid a big summer blow out, sweet potato fries are an excellent alternative. The most annoying part…
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062 – Sweet Sweet Chocolate Nutty Balls submitted by Cat Lady Chelle

4/5  "The name of this recipe is so catchy I almost want to write a song about it. It would probably go something like... 'hey everybody have you seen my…
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051 – Young Coconut Shake

4/5  "I'll admit it. This is the same coconut as post 050. I wanted to post both ways but this is 100% my preferred coconut drinking method. A bit more…
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050 – Young Coconut Juice

4/5  "I got hooked on these in Thailand. Every street corner has someone selling these for 50c so it's pretty hard to say no. They are a bitch to get…
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037 – Mean & Clean Chicken Parmy w/ Sweet Potato Discs & Salad

4/5  "Everyone loves a chicken parmy, but I can almost guarantee most peoples waist line doesn't. I've always felt that if you set yourself a ridiculous goal like cutting out…
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026 – Big BBQ Steak w/ Sweet Potato Curly Fries

4/5 "Did you say steak? I think I heard steak. Damn straight you did. Nothing screams "I'm a manly, man" like a big hunk of BBQ'd meat and some fried…
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