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057 – Just a Spoonful of …. Almonds … Make the Medicine go Down?

3/5  "Whether you're trying to cut weight, climb aboard the gain train, or just after a quick healthy snack on the move that isn't full of sugar and shit.. almonds…
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048 – JRE Red Hulk Shake (1/2 Load)

4/5  "This one doesn't tastes like Chinese food... I don't know why because it's almost identical to standard Hulk Load but it doesn't. I've been drinking one of the hulk loads…
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044 – JRE Hulk Loads Shake (1/2 Load)

4/5  "It kinda tastes like Chinese food...I've been listening to Joe Rogan talk about this for a while so decided to see if I feel 'the charge'. To be honest…
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