Should I Start An Online Business With My Mate? (James)

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Since Matt has already ruined the rhyme scheme I cleverly changed my article name… check and mate. This is essentially my ‘why did I start DCE’ article.



I feel like I don’t have anything much to say, but anyone that knows me will appreciate that once you get me started I tend to carry on.. lets just ride this beast and see where it goes. Realistically, I’m building a website to share my nonsensical ramblings and sweet sweet recipes so I must have something to say…right??

Let’s start at the beginning…Why did I/we create this website?

This is both the easiest and hardest bit to explain.. Matt and I have been mates for 5 or 6 years now and have had pretty similar experiences throughout life. We went away camping and after drinking a few too many beers we started throwing around the idea of starting a business. It kinda snowballed.

2016 was a huge year of growth for me. So sitting in the middle of nowhere, beer in hand and reflecting on our worlds was the starting point for where this website is now heading. We are both about to embark on our 30’s, and the more we discussed that we realised how much nonsense we have both heard/repeated and laughed at in that time. We both have a broad (ish) skill set, a very short attention span and a can-do attitude.

This got me thinking.. ‘I have had a lot of different experiences, and I imagine I’m not alone’ …I’d like a place to talk about everything from healthy eating and fitness to mental health and a growth mindset – without all the fake social media bullshit or gym juice heads? Dirty Clean Eats was born!

At first we were thinking about making up bulk meals and selling them to various different outlets, we both maintain a fairly active lifestyle and know first hand the benefits of being able to fuel your body with good quality food. This has taken a bit of a back seat although I will probably start doing this on the side at some point. I love cooking (almost as much as I love being told I’m a good cook) and it will give me an excuse to get a little less drunk on the weekend.

Once we decided on the name the first hurdle was to make sure it was an available domain name. I called in the big guns and after a 3 minute phone call we owned the domain (thanks to Trent @ TGIT Consulting.) I think this is where things really started to escalate, as it became real. We downloaded a business plan template and both went away to fill them out by ourselves, then scheduled a fancy business man meeting to merge them in to 1 document. We felt this was the best way to openly communicate what we both wanted and (hopefully) will prevent any arguments down the track about the direction we take.

Once that was done we started building content, essentially we didn’t want to launch the site properly until we had enough on here to keep the people entertained. After all, there’s no point being an overnight online sensation. Now as we get closer and closer to an actual launch its more about keeping each other motivated and focused.. for anyone that knows us you’ll appreciate how challenging that can be at times… we are rascals with the attention spans of teenage boys.

As we move forward I hope to draw on the experiences and skills of the people around me and the people that have influenced me. I find it incredible how everyone is so different, but we are all the same in most ways, with the same fears, desires and thoughts.. we all just have our own very unique view on them.

So…. Should I start an online business with my mate? – Why the fuck not?!

What I want this website to provide:
  • A combination of clean eating/healthy recipes along with some not so healthy ones.
  • Articles and advice about different things that I have experienced.
  • Random commentary on things I have tried and my opinion to help you decide if you want to try them to.
  • Probably the best Youtube channel the world has ever seen.
Should I Start An Online Business With My Mate? (James)
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Should I Start An Online Business With My Mate? (James)
James from Dirty Clean Eats talks about why he started an online business with his mate and gives some tips for how you could do the same.
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Dirty Clean Eats
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