Silk Pillows: What’s with all the hoo-ha?

Silk and Honey Co

Have you seen all these social media accounts promoting silk pillows for all kinds of reasons. Me too and being a male I was very confused. I asked my sister, who just so happens to run one of these companies to share a bit of information with us.


Benefits of sleeping with silk
  1. Minimises sleep wrinkles
  2. Helps your skin to breathe
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Reduces hair-frizz
  5. Softness is anti-aging
  6. Maintains styled-hair

More about silk

Most of us are doing our best to look after our wellbeing; time and time again we’re told that our bodies are a reflection of what we put in (and on) them. While I’m certainly guilty of a midnight Maccas run and can knock back a cocktail or two, my aging and acne-ridden skin was not, as I believed, a true reflection of how well I was trying to look after it.

So about a year ago, I was frantically searching the internet for anything that could help my skin. I was sick of waking up with sleep wrinkles on my face and my hair in knots. I came across an article which talked about the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. I continued my research which included a bunch of scientific mumbo-jumbo and nevertheless hours later I was convinced. I then went online and discovered that I must have been living under a rock or certainly not part of the ‘in crowd’ because silk pillowcases were a huge thing. Unfortunately, they also attracted a huge price tag. I was desperate, so I forked out $85 for a black silk pillowcase. It took me one night sleeping on silk to fall in love and I’ve never looked back.

But after a few months, and my desperate want to buy another silk pillowcase so I could stop having to wash mine every week, I was maddened by the fact that this product which helped transform my hair and skin was so expensive and likely unaffordable for many people. That was the start of Silk + Honey Co.

It is my belief that high-quality products should not be reserved for the rich and famous. For that reason, I designed a sleep range which is made from the finest quality 100% Grade A 22 momme mulberry silk (just like the big brands) but at a more affordable price point.

We’re about putting people before profits.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of sleeping with silk, head to our website: where I’ve talked about this in detail, along with an explanation of the difference between satin and silk. 

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