Should I Try Onnit’s ShroomTech Sports? (Matt’s Review)

Should I try Onnit Academy's ShroomTech Sports

I, like many of you, have spent mucho moolah on all kinds of fitness related products over the years. Some were great, some were all in my head but still pretty good and the vast majority were magic beans. I’ve pretended to be able to read scientific studies and read countless fancy reviews in the past. However, the best advice is always open, honest feedback from someone I trust. We all have a wide reaction to these things but here is what happened when I tried Onnit’s ShroomTech Sports.


What is Onnit?

Onnit is a human optimisation website but what the hell does that mean. Personally, I believe they weren’t quite sure what Onnit would become and didn’t want to put a label on it. I hope that assessment is correct because Onnit was a big inspiration for starting DCE. Basically, do what you enjoy and see what happens.

As usual I am completely off track in the first paragraph so maybe check out the Onnit website for a better description. Or take my word that they ‘do health and fitness stuff’ and keep reading.

What is ShroomTech Sports?

After the last paragraph, I’m thinking giving the product description link straight off might be the way to go. Linking away from your website is apparently a terrible marketing strategy but fuck the police, I’ll do what I want. I would rather you navigate back because you liked my review anyway.

With that said here is the story of how ShroomTech Sports was discovered according to Matt’s memory. I could research exactly where it came from but I think my little embellishments make life interesting.

The main ingredient in ShroomTech Sports is Cordyceps Mushroom. Cordyceps were discovered when a group Shepherds noticed when their herds ate a certain fungus they were noticeably more lively. I know that sounds like bullshit and I don’t even wanna know what tests they ran to determine how ‘lively’ the animals were but that’s the story. Bullshit or not let’s jump into human experimentation and my experience.

What I did?

Strangely enough for me I follow the recommended dose with ShroomTech Sports. I’d like to claim it’s because I’m responsible but it’s mainly because these bad boy’s are pretty pricey especially when you factor in the shipping to Australia. I take 3 capsules about 30 mins before training and I usually save them for high intensity nights. I’m sure they would help with strength training but for me I see these more of a benifit for endurance and save for sparring or an intense training session. 

So…what happened?

These are absolutely nothing like taking a standard pre workout so if you have that picture in your mind prepare for it to be blown.


Pre Workout Side Effects – You know what I’m talking about. Itchy face, jittery nervous energy, chatting like a school girl. All the things we associate with taking a pre workout are a complete non-issue for ShroomTech Sports. As I said before this is nothing like a standard pre workout because it isn’t a stimulant. The ingredients make your body more efficient and increase the ability to transfer oxygen around the body. Pre workouts block receptors in your brain and trick you into thinking you aren’t tired.

 Crash – Following on from above there is no huge crash after training. Sure if you trained hard you are going to be tired, you might even be a bit more tired than normal since you pushed that little extra but it is a clean exhaustion instead of the crackhead after pre workout feeling.

Sleep – No impact on sleep. One day I will dive into my love/hate affair with pre workout but the biggest issue was always I never slept properly and the impact on my recovery was not worth the extra 10% I got from the workout.  

Energy – Now we come to the major benefit of ShroomTech Sports. I mentioned above how all the negative side effects from pre workout don’t exist with ShroomTech Sports but a more accurate description is you don’t feel anything. There is no sudden burst of energy and you don’t feel any different. What has happened is the magic mushrooms have snuck into your body and destroyed the fatigue wall. You still get tired but you’ll be able to go forever. As a practical example, I take ShroomTech Sports before Randori (Judo version of sparring/rolling). I’m still tired by round 2 but by round 6 when I would normally be looking for a rest I’m still plodding along just as tired as round 2.  

 Cost – My one and only problem is ShroomTech Sports is another expense. I don’t think it is overpriced just that I take a pretty minimalist approach to supplementation and I still feel like I spend half my pay on supps.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this…shit…works. In my experience, it works exactly as advertised and the great thing about Onnit is they are constantly testing their products to scientifically back up their claims. I might be too dumb to understand but I have to guess that if your product was bullshit the last thing you would do would be put it through testings.

If you want to add an extra gear to your training ShroomTech Sports might be the product for you and even though it is another expense, if you can fit it in, I highly recommend. Phrasing!

Feel free to share your experience in the comments. I probably won’t read them but go nuts…

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  1. I need to order more of this. Can you please talk to J-Wow and see when he is next ordering?
    Good article also 🙂

    1. This is not the correct avenue to discuss…please set something up with Myrtle. Who’s Myrtle you ask…my made up assistant. I purposely picked an old person name so Deedles doesn’t get angry

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