Should I See a Physiotherapist?

Should I See a Physio

So for those of you that have seen a good physio before (emphasis on good), you are probably reading the heading of this article thinking… of course you should you idiot! But time and time again I meet people who seem reluctant to see a physiotherapist and prefer a visit to see their GP for sore muscles. Contrary to popular belief (and photographic evidence) I’m not actually a doctor, but I have dealt with a few sports trainers and physiotherapists alike and I for one, swear by them!

So…Should I?

I have seen a few different physiotherapists over the last 5 years, and I have been lucky as they have all been pretty damn great. The 2 main ones I still see have both come highly recommended to me by people I know which has taken a lot of the guess work out of it. Just like any tradespeople out there, you will find the good, bad and ugly! But just because ‘someone you knew, knows someone who went to a physio once and they said they are shit’ I implore you to get onto the ol’ Facebook or do a search in Google and find one for yourself.

I must admit it can be a little confronting at first, sitting getting moved and manipulated.. “look up here, touch this, does this hurt?” Are all things you can expect to be asked at the first (and second and third) consults. It is worth it when you can feel the results though. Sometimes there is a notable difference in as little as a 40 minute consult. Some things take a little longer to correct mind you.

Depending on whats ailin’ ya, a good physio can provide a host of treatments including:

  • Remedial/Sports Massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Hands on/active therapy
  • Education and preventative exercises

I have the added bonus during football season of being able to see our trainers every week who help with a host of rubs, strapping, advice and general support. This said I will still see a physio at least once every 2-3 weeks. Being a heavier fella I had issues with my calves last season which then led to sore shins. For anyone who has had shin splints before you know where I’m coming from! This year with more preventative stretching and proper cooling down exercises I am having far fewer issues.

MMA and wrestling also does a number on your upper body (ask Matt about his shoulder). Training regularly, coupled with working in an office and looking at a screen all day I found I was constantly in some kind of discomfort through my neck/back. With regular dry needling and massage  I managed to effectively combat (pun intended) the muscle soreness. I actually still practice the exercises I was given to help with sitting in an office chair 50 hours a week!

I can’t guarantee this, but you will definitely probably feel better if you see a physio. And your GP will like you more for not wasting their time. A practicing physiotherapist recently told me that she actually has a few GP’s who come in to see her for treatment. Even the DOCTORS ask how they can refer patients to her for muscular issues that they are ill-equipped to assist with. Just don’t mention the word ‘chiropractor’ around them.. its a bit of a ‘bloods vs. crips’ thing.. (I see both but don’t tell the other one, they both think they are my main squeeze haha)

Final Thoughts

So in summary, if you have a sore neck/muscles/joints, are getting headaches, are underweight, over weight, the right weight, want to improve overall strength and conditioning in your chosen sport or even just in daily life, I definitely recommend looking into a good physiotherapist. If you are in Adelaide I can personally recommend: Amalia at Transition Physiotherapy and Simon at Bikefit Physio Solutions. (Not a paid endorsement so you know they’re good haha)

Or don’t listen to me…whatever haha.

Should I See a Physiotherapist?
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Should I See a Physiotherapist?

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