Pre-Season Stage 2 Training – Strength

Pre-Season Stage 2 Training - Strength
Hopefully if you were sensible you have followed Stage 1 already and are now ready to progress to Stage 2. This is another 4 week program that was given to me by my Strength & Conditioning Coach. He is a clever man. After Stage 1 we have built up the core muscles which we use for these movements, so now we can start to build up weight. This program is designed to be done 2 times per week, as we have 2 Fitness & Conditioning training sessions for football as well.

Again, I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this but I will anyway. It’s like sex, if it feels too heavy or something starts to hurt, STOP and seek some kind of professional opinion. Injuries of any kind are annoying and usually expensive. Follow the steps, don’t try and be a hero. It’s one thing to push your limit and always strive to do better, just don’t be a dick about it.

This is split into ‘A’ and ‘B’ to be done at different times. Make sure you have a 60-90 second break between each group of movements. If its a singular exercise (ie: A1/A6 / B1/B6) then you just do that movement alone. For the others you super-set, go straight from one to the other and rest afterwards. This is similar to HIIT training, but that is another story.

These weights are set up in stages. I used the first week do do slightly lighter weights and get a good base, then built up from there. Just remember to know and respect your limits!

Week 1
3 x 8
Week 2
4 x 8
Week 3
3 x 5
Week 4
4 x 5
A1Front Squat3 Down / 1 Up
A2Shoulder Press3 Down / 1 Up
A3Overhead Step-upNA
A4Bench Press3 Down / 1 Up
A5Lateral StepNA
A6Lunge3 Down / 1 Up
A7Lat Pull Down/Chin Up3 Down / 1 Up
A8Russian TwistNA
B1Romanian Deadlift3 Down / 1 Up
B2Incline Dumbbell Press3 Down / 1 Up
B4Seated Row3 Down / 1 Up
B5Bulgarian Split-SquatNA
B6Barbell Hip Thrust3 Down / 1 Up
B7Lat Pull Down/Chin Up3 Down / 1 Up
B8Medicine Ball ThrowsNA

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