How Do I Plan My Weekly Shop?

How Do I Plan My Weekly Shop (600 x 600)

I kinda feel like I’m telling you guys how to suck eggs here but it amazed me how many dudes (and I assume dudettes) don’t have any planning in their diet. Waiting until 5 minutes before dinner to figure out what they are having like some kind of animal. Besides saving you multiple trips to the shops this will also help you keep on track with your eating goals. This is similar to how i plan my workout…wait…forget I said anything…I’ll get another article out of that.

Ok…So what do I do?

I make a list, dumbass. What did you think I was going to tell you? I get a piece of paper and down one side I write the days of the week I need to cook (normally Sun – Fri) then I plan what I’m going to be eating each day. I used to go through my cook books, countless websites and my very poor memory but now I have DCE, baby. As I plan out a meal I write down the ingredients down the other side of the page. It’s as simple as that.


 Shop Once, Shop Right – Except for when I forget something, I only have to go to the shops once and get what I need all in one go.

Stick To The Plan – With all your food in the fridge and ready to go it helps keep you on track. I hate wasting food so the chances of me going off track and buying something unhealthy are greatly reduced.

 Hungover Punishment – Sunday is my shopping day. Sometimes this keeps me from drinking too much the night before. More often it means I’m walking around the shops with a hangover. This gives me great encouragement to get in and out quickly.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, this isn’t rocket science. Hopefully most people read the title and that gives them the memory jog they need to get more organised. If you made it this far you probably aren’t one of those people so hoping this article was some help. I know I cooked night to night when I first moved out of home before I learned some basic adulting.

How Do I Plan My Weekly Shop?
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How Do I Plan My Weekly Shop?
Matt from Dirty Clean Eats teaches you how to write a shopping list basically.
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