How Do I Pick A God Damn Healthy Wrap Option?

How Do I Pick a Healthy Wrap?

Buckle up boys and girls…It’s time for a good old fashioned rant. I will try to keep this short and sweet but once I get going I can’t make any promises. If you are short on time scroll straight down to the final thoughts.

The Rant

Friends, Family, Strangers on the bus (I assume if I caught the bus…I don’t…I hate the bus) are sick of me going on and on about the food industry. Words like lunatic, overly invested, you should see someone are usually thrown around but I can’t help it.

It pisses me off. There are enough ignorant and/or lazy people out there without purposely making life hard for people who are trying to make a positive change. You shouldn’t need a chemistry degree and 6 months’ research to figure out what brand you should buy.

Nowhere is that more evident to me than when I’m trying to buy wraps. Especially since the ‘healthy food’ trend began, where they slap some green on the label, call it organic and feed you the same old crap. I don’t pretend to be an expert but here are a few tips I use. Hopefully they help, if not, well I tried. Why don’t you tell me a better way or shut your mouth…

  • Taste: An all too often overlooked factor when cleaning up your diet. I fall victim to this all the time but at the end of the day, isn’t it better actually enjoying your meal with a couple extra calories as opposed to sitting there like a sad loser and most likely moving that cheat meal up a day. For example: I used to go for the Rye wraps but a) They are so thin you end up doubling up and b) they taste like paper.
  • Carbs and Sugar: Ok see this is about the extent of my sophisticated nutrition knowledge. 90% of my food selection is checking out the carb and more importantly sugar content, usually to my great surprise (in case you hadn’t noticed they put sugar in absolutely everything now days). For wraps this can vary widely. I aim for around 20g carb and 1g sugar per wrap.
  • Organic, Low Gi etc: I don’t really understand all this to be honest. One of my goals with this website is to increase my knowledge and share with you all but as of right now I’m still ignorant. My moronic approach to the above is nice to have. All these buzz words sound great but ultimately are kind of a distraction. For example: The wraps I currently buy are palm oil free…sounds great, I know that is something to do with Orangutans.
  • Wholemeal, Rye, Quinoa: If in doubt go wholemeal, if there is no wholemeal go for the fancy sounding name that still looks like a wrap. That is my 100% scientific formula.[
Final Thoughts

Ok so basically this long-winded rant comes down to one simple yet effective idea, Keep carbs and more importantly sugar to a minimum. Aim to keep carbs around 20g per wrap and sugar not much more that 1g. By all means do the research yourself and investigate all the other factors but if you are time poor and/or you don’t really care that much the 3 minutes you spend reading this article could help cut out a heap of unneeded simple carbs from your diet.

How Do I Pick A God Damn Healthy Wrap Option?
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How Do I Pick A God Damn Healthy Wrap Option?
Matt from Dirty Clean Eats attempts to figure out what is the healthiest type of wrap, fails miserably and has a rant.
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Dirty Clean Eats
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