#dirtydoctor 7 – Training Advice

Hi Doctor,

I’ve been training MMA for about 6 months now and I’m wondering at what stage can do i start getting a full tattoo sleeve?
Asking for a friend! Many thanks!



Hi Stock,

You ask a difficult question.


If you had told me you were starting BJJ a tattoo sleeve would have magically appeared on your arm and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. This would is all part of the BJJ experience along with your own personal blog, an entirely rank colour coded wardrobe and the ability to disappear on earning your blue belt. But I digress…

The sought after MMA tattoo can be earnt in a number of ways. Luckily none of them have anything to do with actually training or competing.


Examples include:

  1. Travelling to an Asian country and stopping by a fight camp for a photo between drinking sessions. Actually training is optional but not necessary.
  2. Displaying your knowledge while watching fights at the pub by saying things such as ‘stand them up ref” or anythign starting with “i would have…”. Bonus point: wear your gloves or white belt so people really know whats up.
  3. Quoting Conor McGregor.


Note: If you decide to get a tribal tattoo (and are not part of a tribe) you can skip all these steps.


Hope this helps Stock. Osss.

xoxo Dirty Doctor #notadoctor

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