#dirtydoctor 4 – BN


Hi Doctor,

How do you get your good mate to accept that his is a BN when he is in denial?

Luke with a big dick


Hi Luke,

Thanks for your email. Dealing with little BN friends is a constant struggle in this day and age, but here are some handy hints for letting people know that they are BN’s.

This may hurt their feelings, but if you’re worried about that then you are also a BN.

Firstly, get a handle on the English language, so you can convey a clear and concise point. Second, accept that you may be projecting you own inadequacies on the world, and look first inwards before you try and hurt other peoples feelings. Last, if all else fails, challenge the person to an arm wrestle or interpretive dance competition.

Hope this helps and you can ignite that flame again.

xoxo Dirty Doctor #notadoctor

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