#dirtydoctor 3 – Shitazzling

Hi Doctor,

Just wondering If you have any tips to dress up my number 2’s with the hectic lifestyle I have at the moment? In the past, I’ve achieved a fairly attractive look and shine with glitter, however it can get quite tiring consuming the amount required. Looking for something easy and practical, that’s both cosmetically pleasing but suitable for business travel.



Hi Skiloglitter,

First off, congratulations on your previous success with glitter. A truly inspiring solution to a completely made up problem. With more men like yourself (I’m assuming this is a man for obvious reasons) the world most certainly would be a more interesting place.

To be honest, I don’t have much experience in this area. It sounds like you might be the expert however if practicality and timing is your concern I highly recommend purchasing a squatty potty. Not only will this save on clean up but reduces the risk of colon cancer (according to the cartoon unicorn at least). If that doesn’t help try carrying around cocktail unbrellas…you know for emergencies.

xoxo Dirty Doctor #notadoctor

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