DCE Vegan vs Meat Eaters 12 Week Challenge – 11th September to 16th December 2017

The Challenge

Week 2



The best way to explain my experience with the challenge so far is how I always imagined playing soccer with my son for the first time would be like. I was looking forward to it and very excited but after a couple minutes I realise there is no possible way he can compete and it gets a bit boring.

My strategy for this challenge was to work with a nutritionist (something I have wanted to but have never done before) and to sabotage Todd and James as much as possible. Now it’s all getting a bit sad so I’m going to leave the boys alone and focus on doing my thing.

Training wise I took it a bit easier this week. My eating plan and weights program come through soon so treated this as a rest week.  

Workout – 3 x Weights, 1 x BJJ, 1 x Yoga & 1 x MMA. Diet – Ate well 6 days approx 1800-2000 calories per day but I am going to smash some gnocchi tonight. Weight – 83.1 kg.


Still radio silence…I’m starting to become concerned he has fallen and cannot get up.


Responding to my messages but in typical James fashion these responses are not helpful and has not sent through his information

Week 1



Ok so week 1 of the challenge wasn’t exactly what you’d call a ‘clean start’ for me. Though I did manage to get a few light exercise sessions in and my diet wasn’t completely atrocious.

Went on 2 walks, did 1 weights session and avoided alcohol as much as humanly possible (for me). Also started thinking about doing some meal prep so hopefully I’ll be up and running by week 3 lol.

On the plus side I did get down to the doctor and get my bloods done for a before and after comparison and have a body fat analysis being done Tuesday of week 2. Weighed in at about 92kg last time I checked but being honest, in true ‘me’ fashion haven’t really done much organisational stuff yet.

Bring on week 2!


Workout – 3 x Weights, 2 x BJJ & 2 x MMA. Diet – Ate well 6/7 days approx 1800-2000 calories per day. Weight – 85.1 kg.


MIA. Assuming a bender.

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