DCE Pirate Radio #51 – Creatives in a Van

Creatives in a Van

Instead of writing a subpar bio hear from the guests themselves:

Throw yourself at the world.

After we built the van, we were dead BROKE. It was bizarre, we remember sitting VIP ringside at @lovatojrbjj Bellator fight with .38 cents between the two of us, waiting to make a documentary on him.

We couldn’t afford to buy meat at the grocery store. We used (and still use) a YETI cooler as a fridge and have to fill it up with ice every 3 days. When we work, we have to lock a gas generator to one of the van’s wheels so Ryan can use his iMac. We are the King & Queen of the Walmart parking lot. We don’t have a sink, bathroom or shower. Our skylight was leaking water inside our home for what seemed like a year.

And you know what? We’ve never been happier.

Life is a series of choices. Oftentimes we find individuals focusing on the wrong things. They focus on being comfortable instead of going after what will truly satisfy their soul.

Instead of conforming to society, we decided to take the road less traveled. We decided to drop the 9-5 “secure” advertising job to take a risk. We had no idea if we would succeed or fail, but all we knew was that we had to try. People thought we were crazy, our families joked that we wouldn’t make it 6 months.

We stand here today, one year later, confidently telling you the risk is worth the reward.

If we can do it, you can too. Our goal through all of this isn’t just to build a beautiful, intentional life for ourselves, but to help build it for others, too.

Welcome to Creatives in a Van, the new-age digital nomadic creative agency.

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