DCE Pirate Radio #39 – Brendan Olszowy from Fable Blades

DCE #39

Brendan makes custom, one of a kind swords. If that doesn’t make you stop what you are doing and immediately listen, I have lost all faith in humanity.

I’ve read fantasy books since I was a kid and successfully maintaining this level of maturity as my body grew I have been following Brendan’s work for many years. It was very interesting learning about the process for making swords and the type of people that buy a custom sword in 2019.

Apart from that Brendan was an amazing person to speak to with a very unique perspective. Underneath the soot, fire and brawn lies the true heart of an artist.

Keep an eye out for Brendan’s book that will be releasing soon and if you’d like a custom sword of your very own check out www.fableblades.com

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