Category: SIDES

072 – Sweet Potato Fries

5/5  "I love hot chips... like really, really love hot chippies. But to avoid a big summer blow out, sweet potato fries are an excellent alternative. The most annoying part…
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067 – Hummus

5/5  "Dee made hummus. It tastes amazing, not much more to say about it. I loved dips when my diet was less than ideal and have struggled to find substitutes…
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059 – Non Culturally-Specific Pearl Cous Cous

3.5/5  "Apparently, calling something Moroccan because it sounds good (because I'm not Moroccan) is 'racist' 'childish' and 'damn well belligerent' according to Matthew.. So this is my non-culturally specific version…
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054 – Baked Avocado Egg Boat

4/5  "As you can see in the photo these don't quite look the same. That's because I smashed mine with cayenne pepper but did not do this to the missus.…
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045 – Deconstructed Tuna Salad Sandwich – Gluten Free

3/5  "OK so firstly, I realise that 'technically' this isn't a sandwich. But if you serve it with a piece of gluten free toast then it stays true to the…
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024 – Sweet Potato Curly Fries

5/5  "Its a fairly well known fact that everybody loves anything fried. It is also fairly well known that when you fry things they become less healthy (probably) In any…
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