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032 – Vegetarian Bulk Breakfast Burrito

4/5  "Ok so I'll admit I am not known for my vegetarian recipes. I even had to google how to spell vegetarian if I'm being honest but it's not going…
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029 – Mama’s Italian Meatballs w/ Spaghetti & Sneaky Veg

3/5  "Disclaimer: These are not as good as Mama makes...but they are pretty lean..Now THATSA spicy meatball! Another tasty meatball lunch recipe. When I'm feeling super productive I'll spend a…
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028 – Healthy Thai Curry w/Pineapple and Yum

4/5  "Ok I can't legally guarantee that Yum is in this dish or that he had anything to do with the creation. However this is a pretty tasty dish and I…
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027 – Thai Chicken Meatballs w/Coconut Rice & Green Beans

3/5  "Food prep is a really boring exercise whilst you are doing it, but once its all finished you can reward yourself with 6-8 beers. As long as you do…
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