#dirtydoctor 7 – Training Advice

Hi Doctor, I've been training MMA for about 6 months now and I'm wondering at what stage can do i start getting a full tattoo sleeve? Asking for a friend!…
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#dirtydoctor 6 – Vacuum Dilemma

Hi Doctor, Why do I squint when I vacuum? Fryin Pickles ------------------------- Hi Fryin, This seems like a unique situation you have gotten yourself into. If I had to guess…
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#dirtydoctor 5 – I know what you did last podcast

  Hi Doctor, After listening to DCE #8 it became immediately clear to the DCE conspiracy trackers exactly what you are up to. Why were large patches of audio edited…
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#dirtydoctor 3 – Shitazzling

Hi Doctor, Just wondering If you have any tips to dress up my number 2's with the hectic lifestyle I have at the moment? In the past, I've achieved a…
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#dirtydoctor 2 – Rash

Hi Doctor, I have this horrible rash on my gentleman bits, what can I do?  LC CoolH ------------------------- Hi LC CoolH A rash on the gentleman parts is never a…
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#dirtydoctor 1 – Woman

Hi Doctor, Long time listener, first time writer. I won a feature on Where's the Gold earlier and I always pick Peter Panner on a friend Todd's advice. Every time…
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