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Should I Try Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety?

One of the reasons James and I started this website was to try and put some positivity into the world. Sure, we love to muck around and most of what we publish is at best confusing and at worst are the ravings of lunatics, however it doesn’t mean we can’t…

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004 – Matt’s Vegan Specialty

5/5 “Vegans are such an easy target…you know because of the lack of protein. Seriously though, I’ll get around to posting some real vegan recipes as soon as I learn some. I do like to chuck in a meatless meal every once in a while. In the meantime…stay hydrated San…

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021 – Zucchini Bolognaise submitted by Teacher Lyf

4/5 “Our first user submitted recipe and it is a good one. Similar to my Kangaroo Bolognaise recipe but with a familiar meat. This also has a more traditional Italiano feel opposed to my recipe where I chuck whatever I feel like in. Great work Teacher_Lyf and keep the recipes…

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